3d Mini Golf

Escape the everyday as you navigate your way around hidden obstacles in the extraordinary setting of the Glowing Rooms.
Let your imagination guide you as you enter the 3D world of glow in the dark mini golf. Marvel at the special effects, which come to life when seen through our magical glasses.

  • Be transported to outer space for an astronaut’s eye view of the of the galaxy and see if you can name the planets and constellations.
  • Explore the undersea world of Atlantis and come face to face with a hammerhead shark, turtles and octopus. Look out for King Neptune and the shipwreck with buried treasure.
  • Take a trip around Oz in the Australia Room. Search for all the iconic landmarks, and see how many native animals you can discover… and watch out for drop bears!
  • Play next to our resident super hero’s and say hello to our Super-Roo.

At the Glowing Rooms, the walls and floors have been hand painted by well-known artists using specialised paint and techniques. Our special glasses trick your mind, bringing these amazing creations into sharp focus.

Whatever your age, whatever the weather, whatever your skill level, glow in the dark, 3D Mini Golf is the perfect leisure activity.
So, whether it’s a corporate team building event or a family outing or an after-work treat with your mates, the Glowing Rooms faculties are second to none.

With a fantastic café on site and a course built to tournament standard, we know you’ll love playing 18 holes of 3D Mini Golf at the Glowing Rooms.


We want everyone to enjoy the Glowing Rooms experience and keep coming back for more.
Pricing Price
Adults (16 + years) $25
Kids (5 to 15) $18
Concession * Please check below $18
Family Pass (2 adults + 2 children) $76
Children under 5 years of age are not permitted into the Golf Rooms

Confirmed bookings are a live Event and non-refundable. There is No concession for Uni, Tafe Students, Health Care cards or Centre Link. We don’t accept companion cards. Concessions apply to people with a current Federal Pension, WA Seniors Card and High School Students up to Year 12. Everybody who would like to experience the 3D Artwork in the Golf Rooms will need to pay the admission, see FAQ page for special exemptions.


We don’t like a lot of rules either… but there are a few things that will help us to look after the Glowing Rooms and make sure you have the best time.

We love our walls and floors…it took our artists over 1300 hours to create the artworks in the Glowing Rooms, so please don’t lean on the walls and don’t bang clubs on anything!  Also, our obstacles are fragile so please don’t step or stand on them.

Stay on track…Please don’t step on the mini golf lanes and follow the markers along the way.

Keep it moving, moving…Six is the magic number – So, no more than six people at a time at any one hole, there’s a six-stroke limit per hole.  After five strokes, pick up the ball, mark six on your scorecard and move right along to the next hole.

Doh! When things go wrong… If the ball goes off the course, replace the ball where it went off and take a one-stroke penalty. If the ball ends up against an edge or obstacle, move it the length of one clubhead out and get back into it. Please don’t replay a hole and hit the ball gently for the best scores.

Safety first…we want you to have the best time. Please be considerate of others and watch your step. No running, jumping or climbing and never EVER lift the club above waist height. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The heavy stuff… While we take all reasonable care, the Glowing Rooms owners and staff take no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property, or personal injury.  We reserve the right to stop a game if it’s not played according to rules, and bad behaviour means you will be asked to leave.

Do the right thing… All golfing equipment including golf balls, putters, pencils and glasses are the property of Glowing Rooms. It is an offence to remove them from the premises and it’s your responsibility to pay for any lost or damaged equipment.

Have fun…We want everyone to enjoy themselves, so enjoy the game, tell your friends and come back soon. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with events, competitions, special offers and news.

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