Where to Find Glow in the Dark Mini Golf?

Searching for an unforgettable adventure that combines fun, excitement, and a dash of the extraordinary? Your search ends at Glowing Rooms, home to an enchanting glow in the dark mini golf experience. From families looking for a unique outing to friends planning a memorable night out, Glowing Rooms offers an entertainment choice that goes beyond the ordinary.

Illuminating Fun: The Magic of Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Glow in the dark mini golf takes the beloved game of mini golf and elevates it to an entirely new level. Imagine navigating through a vibrantly illuminated course, where the neon glow of each obstacle adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge. Every swing of your putter becomes a stroke of brilliance, making your mini golf experience not just a game, but a stunning visual spectacle.

Where to Find Glow in the Dark Mini Golf? Glowing Rooms Awaits

If you’re wondering where to find glow in the dark mini golf, Glowing Rooms is your ultimate destination. Nestled five minutes south of Fremantle, our venue transforms the traditional game of mini golf into a luminous journey that you won’t forget. With our innovative technology, we bring the course alive after sundown, casting a mesmerising glow that amplifies the fun and excitement of every round.

The Perfect Outing for Families, Friends, and Dates

Glowing Rooms offers an experience that’s fun for all ages and perfect for every occasion. Our mini golf course serves as an ideal setting for a family outing, where the glow in the dark features make the game even more engaging for kids. Friends will enjoy the friendly competition amidst the neon-lit course, making for an unforgettable night out. And for a unique date idea? Nothing beats the charm and whimsical appeal of a glow in the dark mini golf game, making it a truly memorable bonding experience.

Experience the Glow with Glowing Rooms

Glow in the dark mini golf is more than just a game – it’s an experience that invites laughter, promotes bonding, and creates lasting memories. So why settle for a regular mini golf game when you can light up your night with an electrifying round at Glowing Rooms? Come visit us and see for yourself why our night time mini golf is the perfect outing for everyone. Experience the glow with Glowing Rooms, and make your next mini golf game a radiant adventure.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf: Not Just a Game

What sets glow in the dark mini golf at Glowing Rooms apart is the sense of adventure it brings. Each hole offers a unique challenge, illuminated by the glow of our state-of-the-art lighting. It’s like stepping into a different world – one where the mini golf experience is amplified by a sense of discovery and wonder at every turn.

Why Choose Glow in the Dark Mini Golf?

Choosing glow in the dark mini golf isn’t just about finding a new way to play. It’s about choosing a unique, immersive experience that captivates the imagination. The glowing elements add a new dimension to the game, creating an engaging and interactive environment that fascinates players of all ages.


Glow in the dark mini golf at Glowing Rooms is more than just a game – it’s an experience that’s sure to light up your evening. Whether you’re planning a family outing, a night out with friends, or a date, Glowing Rooms offers a unique, memorable mini golf experience that’s lit up with fun. So, come discover the glow at Glowing Rooms and make your next outing a luminous adventure!